Military DUI

If you are in the military and have been arrested for driving under the influence in San Diego you can face serious consequences. You will likely have to appear in a civilian court and could face a suspension of your driving privileges in addition to the penalties that you may face from your commanding officer. The amount of “off base” DUI arrests for service members is higher in San Diego due to the large concentration of military bases including Miramar, Camp Pendleton, Coronado Naval Base and North Island. Whether you serve in the Army, US Marine Corps or Navy the DUI Defense Law Group can help. Our attorneys have worked with numerous service men and women, defending their rights in civilian court and assisting with actions taken by the military.

Military DUI Consequences

Due to the sensitive nature of your job, you need an attorney who understands the additional consequences that you could face. The military may take immediate action after a conviction for a San Diego DUI including suspension or termination of your Security Clearance. A DUI conviction may result in you being remanded to base and unable to obtain leave. You may face a revocation of pass privileges and be required to commit to corrective training. You may not be able to transfer or get a reassignment and may be removed from potential promotions. In some cases, you may be relieved from duty and barred from re-enlisting. You will likely have to complete an alcohol program through the military, which has greater compliance requirements than a civilian program. Ultimately, an arrest for a Military DUI in San Diego may result in a reduction in rank or even a dishonorable discharge.

You need to act fast to protect your rank and livelihood through the military. The lawyers with the DUI Defense Law Group can help. Our team of attorneys is dedicated to drunk driving defense. We will fight hard to get your charges reduced or even dismissed. We are not afraid to take your case to trial to get the outcome you deserve. We know what is at stake for military personnel. Do not let an “off base” DUI arrest end your career. In most cases, our attorneys can appear on your behalf. We will defend your rights in court and represent you at the Administrative Per Se hearing through the California Department of Motor Vehicles. No matter what the circumstances of your case, we can help. Act now to protect your rights and your freedom.