San Diego Commercial License and Endorsement

If you have your commercial license and are arrested for driving under the influence in San Diego you will face harsh penalties that can affect your livelihood. California Vehicle Code section 23152(d) states that it is unlawful for a person who has 0.04% or more, by weight, of alcohol in his or her blood to drive a commercial motor vehicle. If you are not driving a commercial vehicle but are arrested for driving under the influence you can lose your commercial license for one year. For a 2nd DUI arrest you can face a lifetime ban on your commercial license.

Most people that have a commercial license use the license in coordination with their profession and losing their license means the loss of their job. Therefore, more is at stake for those with commercial licenses or endorsements if they are facing San Diego DUI charges.

Being arrested for drunk driving in San Diego can be a terrifying experience, even for seasoned drivers. It can have grave consequences that you should not face alone. The attorneys at the DUI Defense Law Group can help. Our lawyers are professional litigators that will fight hard for your freedom and to protect your license. Lead Trial Attorney Jennifer R. Goldman is an experienced defense lawyer. She knows DUI law and will not rest until you get the outcome you deserve. Her professional memberships include the Criminal Defense Bar Association of San Diego, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, DUI Defense Lawyers Association, State Bar College, California DUI Lawyers Association, National College of DUI Defense and the California Young Lawyers Association. She is a noted speaker and has graduated from the Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College. She has the experience and expertise you need to protect your rights.

San Diego DUI and Commercial License Suspension

Under California Vehicle Code section 15300 you will not be able to operate a commercial motor vehicle if you are convicted of driving under the influence, DUI with injury, leaving the scene of an accident involving a motor vehicle operated by the driver, using a motor vehicle to commit a felony, driving a commercial vehicle with a revoked, suspended or canceled commercial license, causing a fatality, or refusing to submit to a chemical test.

Under California Vehicle Code section 15302 you will face a lifetime ban of your commercial license if you are convicted of a second offense of any of the above listed violations.

Given the potential penalties, you need to act fast if you were arrested for a San Diego DUI and have a commercial license or endorsement. Everything that you have worked for could by lost in an instant. Do not make the mistake of pleading guilty simply because you were arrested. There are a number of defenses that arise in drunk driving cases. Call the DUI Defense Law Group today to speak to a knowledgeable attorney.