Mark-Robert Bluemel

markMark-Robert Bluemel started a career in the law, after achieving success in the graphic arts, out of a strong desire to make a positive difference in people’s lives.  Helping clients achieve a successful resolution of their criminal cases is our goal.  The core of that strategy is strong trial advocacy.

As a law student, Attorney Mark-Robert Bluemel worked as an intern at both the United States Attorney’s Office and the San Diego City Attorney’s office, where he learned the inner workings of governmental law firms. He started his professional career in 1992 as a lawyer at Cleary and Sevilla, one of the top criminal law appellate firms in the country. While learning the appellate practice, Attorney Bluemel gained valuable experience in how to avoid some of the mistakes made by trial lawyers with the luxury of having the overview afforded by the appellate perspective.

Attorney Bluemel has been using his extensive background, which included undergraduate work in science and literature to help solve his clients’ problems in a creative way. He attributes much of his success to taking an innovative approach to reaching the conclusion of a case. In any case that could end up in front of a jury, Attorney Bluemel works hard to convince the other side that he can win at trial, should the case go to court. This type of leverage often enables him to obtain better settlements for his clients and more successful verdicts if forced to trial.